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Path issue while deploying the test as a monitor in CVS.

Question asked by Aarav6 on Feb 13, 2018

Hi Team,


I created a test which does the following


  1. Clone the configuration excel (contains host and port details) from git repository to local directory
  2. Using the configuration details, it checks the host and port and verify whether the port is active or not.
  3. Iterate the test until end of data (using dataset) and collect the test results
  4. Send the test results as a notification email to stake holders


In ITR, it works perfectly fine. But when I deployed as a CVS monitor, the test fails. Then I figured out that while cloning the configuration spreadsheet, it is checking out in to

\lisatmp_10.1.0\lads\5B3DE02B102B11E8815EFC4220524153\PortMonitoring\configuration directory. Everytime, the directory after /lads is changing. Hence I won’t be able to provide that directory.


As per the documentation, I provided {{LISA_PROJ_ROOT}} instead of the above directory. But now it is displaying as error reading random datasets while deploying as a monitor. The first step mentioned above (cloning) is failing


I know I can provide the Lisa server directory to ignore this problem (for example /opt/config/dir) . But I wont be getting that Lisa server directory as multiple teams are using the same server. Hence kindly provide me an alternative solution from my workstation to come out from this issue


Thanks & Regards,

Rajesh Rajendran