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Create Script to Alert in a Certain Value

Question asked by diegolimabsb on Feb 14, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2018 by Jason_Wolfe

I am a beginner in creating these scripts for automation in service catalog, read some topics about some possible solutions to my customers need but I could not really understand.


The need requested by my client is that, in a select form, when a certain value is selected an alert message is displayed.


In my attempts to create these scripts I came up with the code below which, logically, does not work!


function zAlertSinpa() {
          if (ca_sdm_attr_affected_resource == 'A2FCABF0264073419DB5771A6F0DBEA7'){



I'm inserting the javascript call into the select form as follows:



But as I said, it did not work.


Anyone has did this before?