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Activity log during manual notify not showing

Question asked by subbaraomahendrakar.1 on Feb 14, 2018
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we are using casd14.1 with c3 path with AA environment.


Usually in our CA system when analyst send manual notification, activity type named "manual notify" will log under activity log of that particular ticket.


One user who is analyst reported that when he sent manual notification to end user that manual notify activity type did not logged under activity log of that ticket.


when we queried and observed that in chgalg table for that particular anlayst that entry is not registerd in databse.


but actually the receipt got the manual notification and that receipt replied to that manual notification sent by analyst which is observed in respective notification history.


Can any one help why that manualnotifiy activity type is not registered in activity log of ticket when it sent actually to receipt and why that entry is not present in database when it actually sent.