#[Fixed Defects] for Feb 14, 2018

Discussion created by JohnStreeter Employee on Feb 14, 2018

DE39036 - Super Customizable CFD - Data Discrepancies for Level 2+ Portfolio Items
DE39052 - New collections such as tasks, attachments and discussion posts not showing up when added.
DE38815 - make Policy-Based VCS connector more robust in MS Windows environment
DE39037 - Yellow error screen in TPS pages when editing test cases and clicking on Work Product
DE38523 - Work View Doesn't Export Rank Field and doesn't respect order or direction
DE38547 - "AllowedQueryOperators" API query returns bad metadata
DE35784 - When creating a new project the "copy milestones" button is disabled
DE36749 - Error message that occurs when creating a Multi-value custom field with a semicolon (;) in a value is unclear on pop up editors
DE38015 - Team Status page total capacity includes units for a disabled user
DE38681 - Multi-Edit does not save on TPS User Stories and Defects pages
DE37869 - Unable to sort on Third Party Context connections field
DE38651 - Throughput app is freezing on the settings page
DE36865 - Task order is not maintained when added to a child story
DE37773 - Blocked Status Removed When Item Assigned to Different Project


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