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How to detect a bad SOAP operation?

Question asked by rpoole on Feb 14, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2018 by dasjo02

We had some new people on our project attempt to setup a service endpoint in the GW and then hit it via SoapUI to learn how to write and test policies.  When it looked like they had everything correct they tried sending the request to the GW but got back a URL not resolved error.  They had exactly the correct URL in the service endpoint definition and in their SoapUI tests.  We tracked it down to their soap operation was not properly coded in the soap request in SoapUI.  This was a rather time consuming trial and error process due to the misleading nature of the GW error message.  We did not find any logs that contained any additional information that might have led us to the soap operation being the error.  What would be the best way to debug this type of error?  Can we turn up logging, look in different log files, change options in the GW to make debugging this type of error quicker?