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Why is the Datamaker skipped columns in the Publish to Target?

Question asked by CodeWarrior on Feb 15, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2018 by dovle01

We were trying to public to our Data Target (Oracle), but we can’t get the data from the source to deploy to the target. This is the error we received.

Error 1400 for Row #1 in table IT_APPL_TECH_DEBT. ORA-01400: cannot insert NULL into ("MORPHUS"."IT_APPL_TECH_DEBT"."TECH_DEBT_NM")

No changes made to database.

INSERT INTO MORPHUS.IT_APPL_TECH_DEBT ( TECH_DEBT_ID, TECH_DEBT_DESC, LAST_UPD_TS, LAST_UPD_BY_ID, CRT_BY_ID, CRT_TS, APPL_ID, OPT_INIT_ID, TECH_DEBT_STAT_ID ) VALUES ( 3963, 'Testing 123', '2018-01-30 15:14:21.204', '994292251', '632075549', '2018-01-08 15:52:15.830', '112307', 4, 2)

More description, screenshot and troubleshooting details are in the attached word document.