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On Premise Portal 4.2 how to and config questions

Question asked by robvanb on Feb 16, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2018 by Mark_HE

After managing to get an initial installation going of Portal (using our own Centos / Docker CE installation, rather than the OVA) and RHEL-based 9.2 GW, the following questions have come up. 



  • How to set the portal administrator password when it is lost (i.e. the one for the web interface, not the SSH CLI log-in)?
  • How to set a tenant administrator password when it is lost?
  • All portal login event records need to be shipped off to an off-device syslog (or SNMPv3) server to satisfy corporate security standards.  Any actions undertaken by administrator-level accounts (creating new users / groups / organisations, etc,etc) on the portal also need to be similarly captured.  Can this be configured, and if so, how?
  • The invitation email sent by the portal is quite CA-centric.  Has anybody managed to adjust the content to make it look like an email that comes for their own organisation, rather than CA?  If yes, how did you manage it, please?


I'd be happy to split this list up into individual questions if people would find that more helpful, but I thought I would put them altogether first - the answers all need to go into the same Build and Operations manual at this end.


Thanks in advance for any assistance given.