nexec probe timeout ignored

Discussion created by pmatt on Feb 19, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2018 by Marco_Ippati

Hello all,


I am developing a new inventory system that makes use of the nexec probe.


When making a callback via the Ctrl-P utility, I can set the timeout to whatever value I like.


However, no matter what the setting, the timeout seems to be fixed to 16 seconds.


In my test environment, it works just fine. Out in our live estate it does not.


I have tried to eliminate firewall rules and tunnels by making the callback between two servers that sit next to each other on the same subnet. That didn’t make a difference.


In test the version is 7.80 for robot and hub.


The versions in live are 7.92HF11 for the robot and 7.92HF10 for the hub.


The nexec probe is version 1.36 in all cases. If I write a custom probe which uses the nimNamedRequest function for making callbacks, I see the issue there too.


Does anyone know why timeout seems to be overridden somewhere?