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TDM API to find data

Question asked by RajuD on Feb 19, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2018 by RajuD

Hi All,


I am getting below error while calling find data API in TDM portal.


{ "status": 404, "errorCode": "404", "errorMsg": "Connection profile is not found", "errorDetail": "", "timestamp": "2018-02-19T14:56+0000" }


I am trying to connecting exisitng Find and reserve portal service.


I followed belwo steps.


1) find out projectID and version id.

2) Got the token for login service.

3) Got the environment number and data model id.

4) update data model to  "visible": true

5) Got the fileds available in data model.

6) trying to find the data for one of the fileds from step 5. Got issue at this step. 


Please help.