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VS for authentication

Question asked by Benoit_B on Feb 19, 2018
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I’m trying to virtualize part of authentication system based on openAM.

My application depensd on another UI/resource for login-in (UI/resource not availables).

A callback is done to indicate my application that the user is logged and what is his identity (using a Json Web Token/JWT).


I’m thinking of a virtualized service which has to manage the user I want to use and generate the token.


In order to specify the user I want to use, I will make a first call to the VS, with the user in query string.

Using something like « SharedModelMap.put », the user is stored in memory.


Now, using my application, it will ask the VS for authentication.

The VS read « SharedModelMap.get » to get the user and have to generate a JWT.

is this approach a good one ? Or is there any simpler ?

For generating a JWT, I have to include an external jar and a custom step with a custom extension, right ?


Thank you in advance.