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event correlation

Question asked by geethika on Feb 20, 2018
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Does any one know about problem and resolution event correlation in ca spectrum.



I have a doubt on problem and resolution event.How to identify problem and resolution events in spectrum.I have asked this question because I did event correlation in netcool/omnibus.In omnibus we are identified the problem and resolution event based on the NAAM and Type fields.

NAAM(Node,AlertKey,AlertGroup and Manager) fields.Whenever we sent the resolution event the problem event get cleared.So I want to know how to identify the problem and resolution event in ca spectrum.


Here I did the configuration on problem and resolution event correlation in ca spectrum.

AlertMap file:


Problem Event: 0x056e1128,0)\


Resolution Event: 0x056e1129,0)\




0x056e1128 E 50 A 2,0x056e1128,1,2
0x056e1129 E 50 0x056e1129 C 0x056e1128


In condition correlation Editor console:



And then sent different problem events with same event code and  whenever I sent the resolution event with same varbind values of problem event,the problem event get cleared.This is the way I have done this task, Is there any other process to do this.