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Create REST API from SOAP service - need suggestions

Question asked by ramya.behra on Feb 21, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2018 by Mark_HE


We have the following back end SOAP operations 

1) Create Entity: Ability to create a new entity

2) Update Entity: Not all the elements (which are available through Retrieve and Search) are editable

3) Retrieve Entity: Ability to retrieve the entity details using an Identifier

4) Search Entity: This operation has quite complex combinations of search criteria.


We have two gateways - one external and one internal.

On the external gateway, we need to expose REST JSON, and the element names exposed externally would be called slightly different (for e.g., entity will be called as customer). Also, the incoming json request have to validated for conformance against the schema.

On the internal gateway, it can be XML SOAP service (no questions on this one).



1) What are the steps to expose the JSON REST on external gateway using the SOAP WSDL? Should I transform SOAP WSDL to REST WADL before REST API can be created on the API gateway? 

I believe the XSD should be converted to JSON Schema, please confirm.


2) From the CA API gateway, should I use "Publish Web API" to create the REST API? And should GET, POST, PUT methods be allowed on one REST API or multiple REST APIs should be created because of the complexity of the schema?


3) Should Search entity be a GET or POST considering the complexity of query combinations?