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How to extract specific parameter from CLI output XML string

Question asked by ns04 on Feb 21, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2018 by viggiano

Hi All,

I am using CLI API's to integrate CAPAM in my application.

I am working on viewAccountPassword command to view the password of account.

I am bleto run this CLI through my windows system and able to get the output in xml String.

But the output contains lot of parameters related to TargetAccount inclusing password value and I want to fetch exact parameter(password) from the output XML string.

In documentation I am unable to find the way to extract specific parameter from xml OR how we can get output only the required param as a string instead of entire XML string.


Could you please help me to resolve this?


Below is the command I am using : 

capam_command capam=capam_ipaddress adminUserID=1234 adminPassword=password cmdName=viewAccountPassword TargetAccount.ID=1164 reason="Power outage reason" reasonDetails="Recover Tuesday am" > viewPwd.xml