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Extracting User Name with a RACROUTE Macro

Question asked by ssanford2.2 on Feb 21, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2018 by ssanford2.2

I appreciate anything you can provide on this.

I am trying to extract the name (I believe the field USRNM) of a user (by their ACID value) using HLASM and the RACROUTE REQUEST=EXTRACT command but it is not working. I have tried just about every possible combination of sub-parameters and I still cannot get the user's name.


I was hoping that someone might have an example of how to pull the user's name from Top Secret (I have version16). For all I know, there might be another way to do it. I would appreciate any example you might have to do this. I have successfully used the RACROUTE commands to verify access to a resource but for some reason this is not working.


Your information is greatly appreciated and I thank you.