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Question about SFTP

Question asked by Kmullin on Feb 21, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2018 by scarrobis

We have never used the SFTP option in ESP and are wanting to test it. I have some questions and also would appreciate ideas, advise, tricks and trips, etc. that anyone may have.  Thanks in advance!


1) Does the module just need to commented out of the init parm and loaded to use or is a plug-in needed at an additional cost?

2) Does using SFTP hog system resources? Increase MIPS, Network band, etc.?

3) Are there any additional costs that would be incurred and an eta of what/costs would be needed?

4) What do you feel it does well/not well?

5) Is it simply a setup such as?

                       FTP_JOB NTFTP                              
                           RUN MON                                          
                           AGENT WINDOWSERVER                            
                           USER TEST\sa-esp                             
                           SERVERADDR 1xx.xx.xx                               
                           SERVERPORT 6665                                  
                           TRANSFERDIRECTION UPLOAD                         
                           FTPFORMAT A                                      
                           REMOTENAME 'ESP.P000.JOB(+1)'                
                           LOCALNAME 'D:ESP\ESP\new.txt' 
                           AFTER ADD(ESPRCSR2)                              

         6) Any ideas, advise, tricks and trips, etc. that anyone may have?