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Excel Add-In > Reports on Demand > Share Query or Use Generic Login ?

Question asked by TAS467TC on Feb 21, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2018 by EricNash

We use the CA Agile Central Excel Add-In to export data in order to create numerous Excel dashboards. We are at a point where users are requesting data updates daily and even on demand throughout the day. The goal is to make this dashboard self service - so with minimal training, a user can automatically refresh the data and use the dashboards for analytics. At this point, I have to refresh the data and distribute the report which is not the most optimal process.


Is there any way to automatically share the Query I built in the Excel Add In with others (besides having them manually re-build the query using their login for 50+ users)?


Another possibility - could a generic read only login be created so anyone who has the Excel file could refresh the data on demand since the query would "belong" to the generic login and you would connect to this generic login?


Any other suggestions?

Connect to SharePoint List?

Connect to Microsoft Power BI?


Looking for an out of the box no cost solution. I'm sure a custom solution could be purchased.


The Database Connector requires technical database support which is not an option.