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CA Workload Automation programming

Question asked by SSJUSA on Feb 21, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2018 by SSJUSA

At my work, we have CA Workload Automation Version for Windows.
Our Scheduler administator(s) scheduled number of scheduler applications each consisting of multiple
jobs and on each day number of scheduled jobs run and some jobs fail.

Each day, I need to analyze some of the failed jobs to find cause for failure of a given job.

For each failed job I do following steps manually:
1. Double click failed job of a specified generation number icon, determine completion state
2. Right click failed job's icon and select "retrieve spool file" and click "retrieve All" button
3. Save spool the file on my Windows laptop
4. Find error messages that are in the spool file
5. Extract log file name and its path on the Windows server or Linux server
6. Log on to Windows or Linux server find the log file
7. Use WinSCP to copy the log file from server to my laptop.
8. Observe log file and see any error messages and find the reason(s) for failures

Is there a way to automate (using CA Workload Automation Programming)
these steps for a given application/generation/job please?