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How can I branch on a global variable without requiring extra interaction with user?

Question asked by Brian Weissman Employee on Feb 21, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2018 by GregAnderson82343422

Working with ARD 2.3 and Portal 4.3.


I have a customer who has created a flow that branches based on some user entries. It would e more efficient to for the user to enter their selections at the top of the flow and for the branching to happen with no additional user input.


For example, if there were 4 paths through this flow based on the entry of two variables, say gender and married. Gender can be M or F and Married can be Yes or No. Four combinations. 


I f we set global variables in ARD, the user can select those as the first options in the flow. However, when they get to the decision blocks, even if we use the variable value as the default for the branch, the user is still required to enter the data. 


How do we remove this choice so the flow advances automatically? 


Or, if, as I suspect, this is not possible, how can we access a TDM variable from within ARD such that they are not prompted to enter values for the global variables at the start of the flow.