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SDM submenu does not hide

Question asked by MarekJaneček82365531 on Feb 22, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2018 by KarenMatoke



I have a problem with SDM menu on the mail page (File, View, Search etc.)


If I click on File, View etc. then submenu with items appears. 

But If I leave without clicking on submenu item, the menu will not hide.

The menu does not hide even if I click on File again.


I checked the code and there is some mouseout function, but I guess it is not working correctly.


I found out, that the menu dissapears only when I leave the menu on the top or bottom, but when I leave it on left or right side, it stays on.


This is very strange behaviour and users see it as a bug, because they have troubles to get rid of it.


I think that the function is in the menus.js, but I had no luck trying to modify it.


Anyone have the same problem and possible solution?