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Hackathon - Got Personal Agile?

Discussion created by William Kammersell Employee on Feb 23, 2018
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Hi Community and CA Agile Central Subscription Admins! For an upcoming CA Hackathon in a couple weeks, I'm looking at building a custom app for individuals to approach work and life using agile practices.


  • Do you sprint through life, doing the smallest increments of value?
  • Do you manage your life's WIP?
  • Do you estimate your personal todos before jumping in?
  • Do you run retrospectives on your life?


If so, I'd love to hear about your process and how Agile Central could support it! And if you've always wanted to apply agile practices to your personal life, I'd love to chat too! You can reply below with details, or I can set up a call to talk through some ideas.


Have a great day!



P.S. Here's some Hackathon apps I've written