APM Unable to create AutoProbeConnector.jar file for WAS 8.5.5

Discussion created by patrickjo44 on Feb 23, 2018
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We are running APM and WebSphere is being upgraded from 7.x to 8.5.5, the Environment Team has installed the WebSphere 8.5.5 in one of our APM environment's and we are getting an error when trying to create the "AutoProbeConnector.jar" file for the WebSphere 8.5.5, any tips are appreciated...


UNIXserver:[/cse/introscopeAgent/wily/connectors]$ /usr/WebSphere85/AppServer/java/bin/java -jar CreateAutoProbeConnector.jar -current

2/22/18 03:49:47 PM PST [INFO] [Creator] AutoProbe Connector Creation Utility Release (Build 16)

2/22/18 03:49:47 PM PST [INFO] [Creator] Using Java VM version "IBM J9 VM 1.8.0" from IBM Corporation

2/22/18 03:49:47 PM PST [INFO] [Creator] CA Wily Introscope(R) Version 9.7.1

2/22/18 03:49:47 PM PST [INFO] [Creator] Copyright (c) 2015 CA. All Rights Reserved.

2/22/18 03:49:47 PM PST [INFO] [Creator] Introscope(R) is a registered trademark of CA.


com.wily.introscope.autoprobe.connector.AutoProbeConnectorException: Unable to locate the java.lang.ClassLoader classfile.

        at com.wily.introscope.autoprobe.connector.AutoProbeConnectorJVMUtilities.loadClassLoader(

        at com.wily.introscope.autoprobe.connector.AutoProbeConnectorJVMUtilities.findRuntimeJar(

        at com.wily.introscope.autoprobe.connector.AutoProbeConnectorCreator.findRuntimeJar(

        at com.wily.introscope.autoprobe.connector.AutoProbeConnectorCreator.createConnector(


        at com.wily.introscope.autoprobe.connector.AutoProbeConnectorCreator.main(

        at com.wily.introscope.api.CreateAutoProbeConnector.main(

No JVM could be located at "/usr/WebSphere85/AppServer/java/jre".