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Integration between DXI AXA and DXI APM (cannot see "APM URL" button)

Question asked by SusSatriyoAdiSuryo4211615 on Feb 24, 2018
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I'm doing DXI right now. I have use DXI AXA to monitor Android mobile app and DXI APM to monitor .Net application server where the mobile app is connected.

I have wrapped the APK using "Online Wrapper" and installed the wrapped APK in my android device.


Then I continue to perform the integration between DXI AXA and DXI APM.

I followed the instructions in docops to enable the integration:Integrate with CA Application Performance Management - App Experience Analytics - CA Technologies Documentation 

In docs, there is an instruction "Enable the Integration". If I read clearly, seems the steps are applied on on-premise environment instead DXI SaaS. Correct me if I'm wrong.


Therefore, I only performed "Set APM Url" to enable URL correlation between AXA and APM. In "Profile" I also enable the option "Send data to APM".

I did not doing anything in CA APM. I leave browser agent as default.


After I performed those steps, I ran the mobile apps.

I went to the "Session" to check the captured events. At there, I don't see any link or anything that representing to open or jump-in to  the APM console.

I also have checked in the "Page Urls" tab, but I still don't see it.


Does the link to open APM console where located in Session only show up when the problem occurred in the application server where the APM monitors it? Or by default the link should be there whether the problem occurred or not?

Please advise me if I have missed any steps to achieve this integration.


Thank you