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Need help extracting Schedule State Cycle Time data from Excel Add In or Lookback API

Question asked by modonnell2017 on Feb 24, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2018 by DanPoling1351581

I would like to generate a list of work items (User Stories, Defects, Tasks) that include the following for each:


US35239ScheduleStateBacklog8/31/2017 8:0811/27/2017 1:46
US35239ScheduleStateDefined11/27/2017 1:4612/4/2017 5:20
US35239ScheduleStateIn-Progress12/4/2017 5:2012/11/2017 7:43
US35239ScheduleStateCompleted12/11/2017 7:4312/12/2017 8:08
US35239ScheduleStateAccepted12/12/2017 8:08


I have been unsucessful creating this through the Excel Add-In and I am getting lost quickly in the lookback API document as I couldn't find any relevant query examples there either.


I know this can be accomplished directly through agile central using the custom page "Cycle Time Data App" but I would rather not have to pull in that specific data out of Agile Central when everything else i need comes directly from the Ecxel Add In.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.