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Sythetic data generation issue

Question asked by Richa.Joshi on Feb 27, 2018
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We are trying to create synthetic data in CA TDM where we have created 10 rows with specific layout.

Now, we want 2 files with 1 million record each. When we are repeating 10 rows for 100000 using Batch option; unable to get any result and it shows error.

Step followed:

1. Registered layout.

2. Created 10 rows with Ca functions.

3. Publish to file

4. Row = 100000

5. Publish to CSV.

6. Batch.

7. CMD and XML file generated, excuted CMD file.

8. Got error of failure.

Successfull run fro 1000 rows and generated 10000 rows but unable to get result fro more rows.


Please confirm, if we have any upper limit to repeat any row in CA TDM or any upper limit to generate sythetic data using CA TDM in single File.


Please suggest what process can be followed.



Richa Joshi