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smsession cookie of one environment is overriding the cookie of another environment

Question asked by SatyendraSingh on Feb 27, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2018 by Albert_Fernandez

We have 3 different environments, Dev,Test and Production.

For some reason, Client wants to access them in the same browser.

If Client has accessed test environment and then he logs in to the production environment then Production smsession cookie overrides the existing cookie for Test however its always Production cookie which overrides the Test smsession cookie never vice versa. 

Similarly Dev smsession cookie overrides Production smsession cookie but never vice versa.

I understand one way to address it would be renaming the cookies using SSOZones however that would be cumbersome process for the whole environment.


Any Suggestions? siteminder r12.52 siteminder single-sign-on smsession