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Unable to delete data source from environment in TDM portal

Question asked by rvankruistum on Feb 28, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2018 by rvankruistum

I'm trying to create some Test data models in the TDM portal. However every time I create an environment I'm unable to delete data sources from it after I've added them. Also, when I create a new environment it already has the data source from the environment I previously created (which I also can't rename or delete).


I'm on version, logged in with full admin priviliges.


Names and delete action are grayed out for an existing environment:

And a new environment contains the same data sources straight away, which I also can't rename or delete:

Currrently the only way to edit environments is to delete them and create a new one, but for some reason I also have to delete the models that use the environment which is extremely inconvenient of course.