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Any experience running Jaspersoft on SQL Server 2016?

Question asked by juanv on Feb 28, 2018
Latest reply on May 8, 2018 by juanv

Hi. The infrastructure area of the company is going to upgrade his database cluster. Currently we are running CA PPM 15.3 + Jaspersoft 6.2.1 on a MS SQL Server 2014 (SP2) instance. The DB cluster will be upgraded to SQL Server 2016 in a while.


We are aware that the official compatibility documentacion mentions SQL Server 2014 as the only supported database engine for Jaspersoft.


Source: Release Notes (On Premise) - CA PPM - 15.3 - CA Technologies Documentation 


But, as happened on other releases, this could be only a lack of certification and not necessarily a technical incompatibility.


Do you have any succesfull experience running Jaspersoft 6.2.1 on SQL Server 2016 ?