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Team Center and CEM data

Question asked by annma01 Employee on Feb 28, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2018 by annma01

Hi all, 
when we use attributes like Business Service/Business Transaction in Team Center, it seems that the related data that we can see through Experience Cards (Average Response Time, Responses per Interval) are referred to the Business Segment defined on Application Server and not to the CEM data that we can see through the TIM collector in the Investigator, or aggregated, in CEM GUI.


In fact, if we have CEM with TIM and collector agent in Investigator, but no business segments defined on the agents, in Team Center no Business Service/Business Transaction are available to select as attribute. 


In other terms, our customer needs that the performance data about Business Service/Transaction in Team Center were calculated from a TIM point of view and not from a Agent point of view (business segment) or, better, customer needs have available both information to compare.


Any suggestion, idea?


Thank You in advice.