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ISO 8583 Live Invocation with 2 Services

Question asked by Nithi_Ph on Feb 28, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2018 by wooda20

Hi All,


This question is like some question last 2 weeks, but a bit difference then I make new topic.


Customer would like to build Virtual Service of ISO8583 protocols based on this requirement


  1. Virtual service need to detect message that will remark as "Use Service Virtualization" 
    • If have on remark Virtual service will response
    • If not have on remark , Virtual Service will Foward to ISO8583 partner and get response back (ISO8583 TCP/IP Live Invocation)
  2. For Virtual Service They would like to use another or same Virtual service same as No.1 to be a proxy and send back to Bank's Base24 system (TCP/IP Live invocation to Base 24)
  3. From No.2 CA DevTest need to generate test step to request ISO8583 message to Virtual Service and foward to Bank;s Base24 system


For all of this one Bank provide us only 2 channels of Base 24

  1. From last implementation 1 Virtual Service of ISO8583, we will consume 2 channel as
    • 1 for Receive message from Base 24 System
    • 1 for send message to Base 24 System (on Response)
  2. From No.1 and No.2 of requirement I assume to implement this we need 4 channels of Base24 system


Can anyone suggest this to me?

Because customer would like to use this one without impact of existing test system



Thank you in advanced,