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Lisa Invoke API issue.

Question asked by venukg on Feb 28, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2018 by venukg

I am trying to manage my Virtual services by using Lisa Invoke API.


Below are the steps I have performed.


1. I have added below property into file in my local machine.

     ( lisa.invoke2.swagger.basepath=http://registryname:1505/api/Dcm)

2. accessed API url  http://registryname:1505/api/swagger/ in browser.

3.  Page loaded with list of options.

4. I want to start/stop one of the virtual service(ABC) which was deployed into VSE.


Now my questions are,

1. I want start/stop my virtual service which was deployed into VSE. which option should I select?

ex. start a virtual service in a VSE?

2. I think we should add below path into VSE server side?    lisa.invoke2.swagger.basepath=http://registryname:1505/api/Dcm

3. I have selected Stop a virtual Service in a VSE. where we need to provide service name and Virtual service name.

   could some one suggest what is the service name and VSname here?