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Pass through authentication on Tomcat

Question asked by bhmali on Mar 1, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2018 by bhmali

We have below scenario in our environment (CA ITSM 14.1)

Application servers - 3

Background server - 1

Standby server - 1

There is a single load balancer link (Citrix load balancer) for users

We are using pass through authentication(single sign on)


As informed by CA support attachment not working on IIS hence we are enabling tomcat as web server (with SSL 8443) however pass through(single sign on) not supported by CA on tomcat.

After searching through previous articles found a link which discusses about 'waffle'  however when I downloaded the zip file, I did not found .jar files mentioned in the article, also article seems to be removed from CA site and not valid anymore. Also found that waffle have issues with Citrix load balancer.


So in current scenario we can not use file upload functionality or we need to give up with single sign on functionality in CA Service Desk.

Please provide me a way to resolve this issue