Tech Tip:  Resolving a Password Management Problem by Rebooting

Discussion created by voged01 Employee on Mar 1, 2018

A customer recently opened a ticket because they were unable to manage passwords.  They kept getting a Verification error.  Any time this occurs you should set the Tomcat Log Level to INFO and reproduce the problem.  Then download and examine the Tomcat log.  What you see will vary depending on the application type being used.  In this case we were able to see that PAM was having a problem connecting to the target server.  We could see an error message after about 21 seconds.  We tried setting the timeout to greater than this interval, increasing it from the default of 5000 ms to 30,000 ms.  This made no difference, so we investigated further.  We performed some pings and portscans.  We received good responses from the pings and a portscan of port 22 showed it to be open.  Because of the behavior we observed it was decided to reboot the system.  This resolved the problem.  If the problem returns we will try to take a deeper look.