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CA PPM 15.3 - New Ux and Blueprints

Question asked by velayutham.palaniappan on Mar 2, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2018 by Satish Kumar

We just had our Dev environment migrated to 15.3. I am playing with the blueprints and other features in the New Ux.
I have few questions on it.


1. Do we have control over the theme of the New Ux as we had for the Classic View?

2. The attributes from Project and Investment Object are available for configuration in the Blueprint, is there any other object that is enabled for blueprint?

3. There are a few Out of the Box fields like Status, Progress which are not available for blueprints. Though they are not of the type dependent lookup, attachment or URL, there API Attribute IDs are disabled. is there anyway that we can bring them over to the New Ux?

4. There are few attributes such as Flexibility Risk, Funding Risk (I am not sure they are OOB or they are part of an add-in) are also not enabled for blueprints. They reside in the INV_PROJECTS table. They are all static lookups. But, still they aren't available for blueprints

5. is the Projects List in the New Ux displayed using REST API (As API Attribute ID is mandatory for New Ux) ?


Just wanted to know what you guys think about the above questions