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Call Ldap from form handlers in Identity Portal

Question asked by Sh4sh4nk on Mar 2, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2018 by Williamckl

Hello All,


We have a requirement where we need to fetch certain attribute values from a LDAP while creating a user through Identitiy Portal.


We have researched and found out that we can use server plugin modules to achieve this. But we need assistance in passing value(as argument) from form and catching the same at the base code. We are aware that we need to use annotation @ExportedServerFunction on the method which we wish to be triggered in the plugin. But we need assistance in catching the argument which is passed from form.


Can anybody assist here ?


Apart from this , using this plugin we will hit LDAP and return a set of attributes back to portal. Can anyone help us in how to catch the result back at portal's side and use that for our own requirement?


If there is any other better approach to hit LDAP from Portal , do let us know. Any kind of guidance would be highly appreciated.