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Does anyone know how to do a query for features which are not yet complete by story count, but you want to show features which have a specific project's stories accepted?

Question asked by Nazareth.Escobedo on Mar 2, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2018 by Michael Bulkeley

I want to see Incomplete Features by story count which contain stories by some project, and all the stories by that specific project have been accepted. 


So far I have come up with a few queries to get the information but they don't seem to work, these are the two I have tried:

(((UserStories.ScheduleState = "Accepted") AND (UserStories.Project.Name contains "XES")) AND (PercentDoneByStoryCount != "1")

This displays stories in all states by those projects, I want to see Features which have all stories by those projects as accepted but feature not yet complete


(((UserStories.ScheduleState != "Defined") AND (UserStories.ScheduleState != "In-Progress") AND (UserStories.Project.Name contains "XES")) AND (PercentDoneByStoryCount != "1")


This one shows all Features which include stories that are in the Complete state along with Accepted. If I add Completed to my query, then nothing gets returned.