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Stored Query for Scoreboard

Question asked by TheKatherine on Mar 2, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2018 by TheKatherine

Trying to create stored query for scoreboard and getting the following error (where clause results in a Cartesian product) or not showing accurate results.


I have a manager who is asking for the following list of calls to show in a folder on the manager scoreboard queue:

  • category = Self-Service Other and Status = Open 
  • OR
  • category = Self-Service Other and Priority IS NULL
  • OR
  • group = IT Store Calls and Status = Open
  • OR
  • group = IT Store Calls and Priority IS NULL


I have tried the following queries but neither are giving correct results as it is showing tickets with other statuses and not just Open as well as not showing any tickets with the category of Self-Service Other.


Query 1

active=1 AND ((status = \'OP\') OR (priority = 0)) AND ((category = \'Self-Service Other\') OR (group.last_name IN \'IT Store Calls\'))


Query 2

(active=1 AND (category = \'Self-Service Other\') AND ((status = \'OP\') OR (priority = 0))) OR (active=1 AND (group.last_name IN \'IT Store Calls\') AND ((status = \'OP\') OR (priority = 0)))



Any help on how to adjust this query to show the correct results would be appreciated.



Katherine Hainley