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login issue

Question asked by La-Qa on Mar 5, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2018 by Brian_Mathato

Hello Team...


We have sometimes login issue facing. Attached is the screenshot. the same error i can see in logs.. but when i try relogin 1 time or 2 times more...then im able to login into servicedesk....what could be issue??


our sdm is integrated with eem. whereas sdm ldap is not integrated to AD yet that the reason ??? is SDM ldap and eem both must integrated to AD to login successfully???







03/05 14:48:15.35 ITSD ldap_agent_nxd 59988 SIGNIFICANT bpobject.c 2587 Stats: imp(0) lcl(0) rmt(1,0) rmtref(0,0) dbchg(0)
03/05 14:48:17.41 ITSD web:local 64596 SIGNIFICANT session.c 10282 Session 308106081:0x101D79D0 login by analyst ServiceDesk (cnt:80FEDC8ABE10AC46974276FE2537D4DF); session count 63