Wily Monitoring on SPS

Discussion created by Ankur-Taneja on Mar 5, 2018
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Hello All,


We have implemented 2 SPS instances on a single server and want to implement Wily monitoring on the 2nd SPS instance that is newly created. Now, the 1st SPS instance already has Wily monitoring and it is working as expecting and i am trying to figure out how to implement Wily monitoring for the 2nd SPS instance.


- Can we have multiple value of "introscope.epagent.config.networkDataPort=" in file? as both the instance have different network Data Port.

- Also, can  have details of both the SPS instance?

- Also are there any specific instruction guide for the changes to be done at Wily server end?


Any other suggesting to implement Wily on the 2nd SPS instance (or reference guide) would be appreciated. 



Ankur Taneja