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Flow of request is not shown completely in Server Console

Question asked by kavitha.sakthivel on Mar 6, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2018 by kavitha.sakthivel


I have below steps in my vsm file. 

1. Listener
2. Image selection
3. Responder
4. output Log Message1
5. Image selection2
6. javascript Step
7. output log message2
8. webservice XML step
9. output log message
10. JDBC conenction

When I send the request to the virtual service , I am not able to see the full flow of the request under "Request Event Details" tab in "Inspection View". Only 4 steps is getting displayed ( first 3 steps and 4th step as unknown).

How will I know whether full flow has been achieved? VS is in "most efficient Mode"

Pls clarify

Refer attachment for snapshot.