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Is there a way to filter out Exceptions on "Java Level.INFO" from Errors Per Interval ?

Question asked by daniel.sveder on Mar 6, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2018 by Aryne

We are getting "Errors Per Interval" from Exceptions that are logged on Level.INFO in our webserver.

Really would like to "ignore" those Exceptions - but the Error Messages are not quite uniqe so we cannot use the snapshots.ignore in IntroscopeAgent.profile... unless there are some way to configure to print out MORE from the error, and not just the "faultstring"? If it's possible to extract som description-tags we the could filter them out by adding ignore-statements.



<faultstring>A really General Error Message</faultstring>


   <axis2ns1:description>An Error Message</axis2ns1:description>
   <axis2ns1:description>ABC12345:There are missing items here.    {Som stuff and mumbo jumbo}</axis2ns1:description><axis2ns1:code>ABC12345</axis2ns1:code>