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Windows Server 2016 Automatic deployment not working (Superpackage)

Question asked by primags on Mar 6, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2018 by Marco_Ippati

We deploy Windows robots using a super package. We deploy a base agent, then use a superpackage to do a robot update, probes (CDM and NTServices), and then the config files (CFX files) for those probes so they can create the correct configured CFG files for the robots to use.


On Server 2016, the cdm.cfx file and the ntservices.cfx file contained in the superpackage are not copied to the server. It looks like its pushing down maybe a default CFX file instead of the CFX file we modified to include our services.


The net effect is that the robot gets installed, the probes get installed, my additional CDM and NTSercices probes also get installed, but the CDM and NTServices probes have no config enabled.


The base install I am using is 7.91.


Any help is appreciated.