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Rally api .net toolkit v 3.2.1 connectivity and Timespent

Question asked by JonathanTorres1355981 on Mar 7, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2018 by JonathanTorres1355981

I'm trying to use 3.2.1/3.1.1 connecting below and I get a bad gateway error. 3.0.1 works. This is for a .net c# 4.5 application targeting 2016.2.2 rally version.

public static RallyRestApi getRestApi
//get { return _restApi;}
get {

RallyRestApi _restApi = new RallyRestApi(webServiceVersion: ReadAppSettingsValues("RallyURLVersion"));
_restApi.Authenticate(ReadAppSettingsValues("RallyUserName"), ReadAppSettingsValues("RallyPassword"), ReadAppSettingsValues("RallyURL"),null,false);
return _restApi;


Also I'm trying to get the Timespent field but am getting a null value for that even though I know their is time associated with the Task.

Request taskRequest = new Request(resultChild["Tasks"]);
QueryResult TaskQueryResult = restApi.Query(taskRequest);
foreach (var items in TaskQueryResult.Results)
//foreach (var items in uTasks)
DataRow dtrow2;
dtrow2 = dt.NewRow();
dtrow2["Task Name"] = items["Name"];
dtrow2["Task-Est"] = items["Estimate"];
dtrow2["Task-ToDo"] = items["ToDo"];
decimal ts = 0;
ts = ts + items["TimeSpent"];



any help would be appreciated.