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Copy files with Script Operator - The system cannot find the file specified

Question asked by milan.ziga on Mar 8, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2018 by milan.ziga

I am trying to copy files from SD repository using Run Script operator. There is a problem when the file name contains non-ASCII characters.

To get attachments from the SD ticket I use a SQL query

and then I try to copy files by Run Script Operator


The RunScript Operator returns the error

I copied the command from ScriptOutput to cmd prompt and it works there successfully.

I found out that when .bat script is run from Run Script Operator it returns value 1250 as default code page that why I use command chcp 852 that is returned as default code page from the command prompt but it did not help to resolve the problem.

There is no problem in Run Script operator when the file name use only ASCII characters.

Can anybody help?