CA APM With Temenos T24

Discussion created by saipa02 Employee on Mar 8, 2018
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Dear Team,


One of our client in the region is looking for a APM solution to monitor their Temenos T24 application. As per them they had interaction and POC with other vendors of APM but they couldn't succeed to monitor their application because other vendors asked them to enable logs for the application transactions which causes a huge overhead on their application. We suggested them our APM solution. For that they are asking us for a reference where CA APM is implemented on T24 application. They want some reference screeshot of monitoring that what they can get from it and idea how we did it to same our and their time. They are ready for the POC but after they see results from a reference implementation.


Tt will be highly appreciable if anyone in the house can help us by providing Monitoring IDEA and screenshots of the results after monitoring the T24 application.


Pankaj Saini