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Azure snmp Monitoring

Question asked by vineesha413 on Mar 8, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2018 by Issac08

Hi Folks,


Query 1:

We have a primary hub which monitors infra on our Clients datacenters.

We have now setup a separate Azure Hub for Azure monitoring and need to start snmp monitoring for Azure network devices.We have a discovery_agent in Azure hub which is currently deactivated so if I enable this discovery_agent in this  Azure hub will it interfere with the discovery_agent or discovery_server of the  existing Primary hub?


Query 2:

Will I be able to discover the snmp devices after enabling this discovery_agent in Azure hub?

While configuring snmpcollector probe of Azurehub the path of the discovery server has to be given so do i need to deploy the discovery server probe again in Azure hub separately? or can i use the Discovery server probe of the existing primary hub and just enable the discovery_agent in Azure hub? 


I am pretty new to CA UIM ..Could anyone please help me out?


Many Thanks,