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Virtual Service Shuts Down itself

Question asked by ramjo08 Employee on Mar 8, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2018 by ramjo08

Hi everyone,


Here in the client we have some virtualized services that at the moment all are active and their mode of execution is "Live System".


I have noticed that sometimes a certain service turns itself off.
Looking at the portal we have a "Live Invocation" error: The live system did not send a response.


Has anyone had this same behavior, the service itself off? Any tips or ways to troubleshoot the problem?
Any configuration made in DevTest that can solve this type of behavior?


Additionally, we have services with the error of "Live Invocation" but it does not disconnect (in this service we have more than 1000 counts). In the service that is turning itself off sometimes it falls in 100 counts or even 500 counts.
João Paulo Ramos