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SNMP Trigger

Question asked by shamaluwm on Mar 8, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2018 by shamaluwm

I am not able  to configure  SNMP trigger to invoke a PAM process using default Trap Oid and Payload match as below.  Could not tell where it failed ?  



Environment:  PAM 4.3 Win 2012 ,  Domain Orchestrator Cluster Installation [2 servers], VIP with F5 load Balancer


1.   Both SNMP and  SNMP Trap service is running

2.   netstat -a | find "162"

      UDP *:*
      UDP [::]:162 *:*

3.  162 port is open in firewall  to both cluster servers

4.  Admin confirmed SNMP Trap has been sent  

5.  Also tried to generate trap locally  [same box] using trapgen  utility but  no  success. 

6. Tested  sources IP address to  both IP/24 and IP/32 CIDR

7. .Could not find anything in log