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How to publish JMS message to Dynamic Queue's?

Question asked by Krishv on Mar 8, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2018 by Kevin.Bowman


I am testing the test level JMS connections for Publishing Queue's in DevTest. There is no issue with the static queue's to publish message. My requirement is to work on sandbox queues(dynamic queue's) which get auto-generated. But unable to publish message to dynamic queue. Getting error "Failed to execute Messaging/ESB process: [LDAP: error code 32 - No Such Object]"

For Dynamic Queue generation, need to append the name to Queue. For Example,



In above example, KV and RRM are the dynamic queues which auto generate queues on fly. 

Unable to figure it out in DevTest to setup.

Using DevTest 10.1.0

Attached the screenshot of the step.


Note: I have seen previous Q&A but I din't find this issue.