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Is SQL Server Database Schema name niku or ppm_dwh?

Question asked by urmas on Mar 10, 2018
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Configure the Data Warehouse Database (Microsoft SQL Server)


After you install Microsoft SQL Server (SQL Server), complete the following tasks to configure the Data Warehouse for use with CA PPM:


    Set up a login for CA PPM
    Import the SQL Server database backup image
    Review the imported database options


Set Up a Login Name for CA PPM


Set up a valid login name for use by CA PPM. This login name and password are the values that you specify in CA Clarity System Administration to log in to the database. The login name and password can be any combination. Set the Microsoft SQL Server Database Schema name as niku. This name must be the Default Schema for the login user that you created in the Microsoft SQL Server.


Is that true?

A little later it says

Database Schema Name     




The login name can be anything, but the default schema name for the login user must be ppm_dwh.

I tried to put this as a comment in the documentation page, but there was always an error when saving the comment.