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Assistance for Policystore and Keystore upgrade from 12.52 to 12.7

Question asked by Prajish on Mar 9, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2018 by Ujwol Shrestha

Hi, We are planning to Upgrade from 12.52 Policy Server to 12.7 Policy server. Our 12.52 PolicyStore and KeyStore are on same LDAP and Planning to keep the same way when we upgrade to 12.7. Any one has any tip to follow on this upgrade?


1. We are not sure what is the version of Policy store we have. how to find current version?

2.We have already built 12.7 Policy Server and Pointed to existing policy store (12.52) and it is working as expected. except compatibility issues with SmOverride.

3. What are my best options to upgrade to 12.7 policy store and Keystore and point 12.7 to new store with less downtime.


This is what I Tried:


1. I got a new Policy Store created. 

2. Exported Policyobject from 12.5 using xpsexport -xb from existing policy store

3. Pointed the new policy store to a sanbox 12.52 policy server

4. Did an XPSImport to the new policy store.

5. Exported keys using smkeyexport from old policy store

6. FAILED doing an import using SMKEYIMPORT in new Policy store. What credentials I need to provide here while smkeyimport?




F:\>smkeyimport -ismkey_export_3_9_18.xml -d***** -w*******
Import Status: Could not open Key store.
Import Status: Policy store failed operation 'ProviderInit' for object type 'Policy store provider'. Failed to connect to th
e LDAP Policy Store.